Yorgos Kazantzis was born and raised in Kalamaria of Thessaloniki (Greece) , where he still lives and works. He holds the position of the “Artistic Director” at the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki from March 1999 to March 2015.

Studies: Classical guitar, piano, theory of music (Harmony, counterpoint, fugue, organology, orchestration), next to the conductor Theodoros Mimikos.
He started expressing his creativity with songs and he later moved on to composing orchestral musical pieces for small or bigger orchestras.
He has collaborated with many well known and distinguished singers and musicians in Greece.
His instrumental pieces have received international acknowledgment. Two of his musical pieces have been included in international cd compilations of ethnic music pieces from around the world. His musical composition “Sorokos” was included in “Buddha Bar III”, the third production of the famous Parisian Bar. His musical piece “Anapaest” was included in “Chill out in Paris No3 by Buddha Bar”.
His instrumental compositions have an intense movie quality; they are capable of creating vivid images in the minds of the listeners. Having that in mind Yorgos Kazantzis uses in his live performances, a video projector to accompany his instrumental pieces with videos (created by him).
His immediate goal is to achieve a better acquaintance with the musical public abroad. Yorgos Kazantzis ‘s music is not only targeted at the Greek public but to anyone who appreciates the sensitivity in music.

He is also strongly interested in composing music for movies, tv series and theatre.
He has already composed:
Theatrical Music :
Federico Garcia Lorca “Blood Wedding”.
Euripides “Iphigenia In Tauris”
Notis Perigialis “Bridal Song”
Moliere “The Doctor in spite of Himself”
Eugene Trivizas “The Scarecrow’s Dream”
Spyros Galeos “Death as it should be”

James Mathew Barrie  “Peter Pan” adapted by Yannis Kalatzopoulos

Nikolai Gogol “The Overcoat” Director Andonis Karayannis

Edward Albee “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”

Leon A. Nar “Live Streaming”

Television Music: Music for seven episodes as well as the music theme for the T.V. series”Thessaloniki tells its tales”,directed by Petros Panamas, in a production by ET-3, based on the writings of local writers, (Y.Ioannou , Y. Skabardoni , Η. Koutsoukou e.t.c.).
Music for movies: ¨He participates with his music to the score of the film “Rabbit Hunt” (To kynigi tou Lagou), a film by Nikos Vezyrgiannis.
He founded the music studio “Polytropon” in 1995 in Kalamaria of Thesaloniki, and still is the proud owner of it, since it now plays a lead role to the musical happennings as well as in music productions.


1) “It was a moment” (Sing Kostas Pratsinakis) 1986.
2) “Travel in the same map” (Sing Kostas Pratsinakis) 1989.
3) “Seasons” (instrumental music) 1993.
4) “Games Song Kalamata” participation with the song” Like a storm. ”
5) “Breath of the wind” (Sing Lizeta Kalimeri Dimitris Zervoudakis) 1994.
6) “Ship heart” (Sing Kostas Pavlidis) participation with two songs 1995.
7) “Alkyonida day” (Sing Voula Savvides) participation with four songs 1996.
8) “The counterfeit of the trip “ (Sing Michael Papazisis, Lizeta Kalimeri) 1996.
9) “Hold tight” (Sing Georgia Velivasaki) participation in a  song 1998.
10) “Borders” (organic album Alexis Boulgourtzi) participation with a piece of 1998.
11) “Sorocos” (nine instrumental pieces) 1998.
12) “Equinox” (organic disc Vassilis Saleas) participation with a piece  1999.
13) “Barks soul” (Song Andreas Karakotas, Dimitra Galani) 1999.
14) “The fire flipping honey” Afentoulis Razeli participation with a song 2000.
15) «Fasma» (instrumental disc Vassilis Saleas) participation with the piece “In the gardens of remembrance” 2001.
16) «Buddha Bar III» (Participation with the piece “SOROKOS”) 2001.
17) “Signs” (instrumental album Alexis Boulgourtzi) participation with the track of the “Motive for a dance” 2001.
18) «Serra» instrumental. Participate Maria Thoidou and Dilek Koc, December 2001.
19) “Euripides’ Iphigenia in Tauris.” Music narration of the myth. February 2003.
20) “What earth and what country” Sing Kostas Pavlidis. Participation with three songs.
21) “Chil out in Paris by Buddha Bar 3″participation with the piece of Anapaistos “Anapaest”.
22) “… Of the love and the sky” .Sing nine of the most important singers of the modern Greek song: Dimitris Zervoudakis, Pantelis Thalassinos Pantelis Theoharidis, Lizeta Kalimeri, Dilek Kots, Vassilis Lekkas, Kostas Macedonas , Orpheus Peridis, and Heleni Tsaligopoulou. 2004
23) “FAUX BIJOUX” eleven organic compositions and a song by Vassilis Lekkas. Lyrics Elias Katsoulis    .2006
24) “Himonanthos” Participation with the homonymous song in the album by John Haroulis. Lyrics Helen Fotaki.2006
25) “Breaking the pomegranate” Participation in the album  tribute to the great lyricist Lefteris Papadopoulos ,,  with “stabbed song” singing Dimitris Basis.2006
26) “Always something left” Participation in the disc tribute to Manos Eleftheriou with the song “The Armor” and performed by Stavros Siolas and George Ntalaras.2007
27) “Isalos grammi” Performed by Alkinoos Ioannidis, Christos Thiveos, Heleni Tsaligopoulou Fotini Velesiotou, Dimitris Zervoudakis, Melina Kana, Michael Papazisis, Lizeta Kalimeri, Andriana Babali, Gerasimos Andreatos George Bagiokis, Kostas Thomaidis, Stavros Siolas.2008
28) “The children of the other side” Sung by Fotini Velesiotou and George Bagiokis. 2010
29) “The needs and wants on scarecrow hat” Book-CD.  Four songs of the homonymous fairy tale  Nadine’s Kyriazi . Sing George Bagiokis, Nadine Kyriazi. 2013
30) “Petite Suite” Double instrumental CD on poems of Kiki Dimoula and reading by her.2014

31) “The laughing bridge” Book-CD.  Four songs of the homonymous fairy tale  Nadine’s Kyriazi . Sing George Bagiokis, Nadine Kyriazi. 2014
32) “Peter Pan” music and songs from the theatrical performance that raised the National Theatre of Northern Greece  Directed and adapted by John Kalatzopoulou.Sing the Heleni Tsaligopoulou, Melina Kana, Apostolos Rizos, Stamatis Kraounakis, Miltos Pashalidis, Eftyhia Mitritsa, Giorgos Andreou, Nadina Kyriazi.2015

  • “ Erotas i tipota” Sing George Dalaras.Lyrics by Manos Eleftheriou, Eleni Fotaki, Nadine Kyriazi, George Andreou and Ioannis Panoutsopoulos.Participate Fotini Velesiotou.2018
  • “Katarti ki atmos” Sing Vasilis Lekkas. Lyrics by Ilias Katsoulis,Thodoris Gonis, Isaak Sousis, Nadine Kyriazi, Yorgos Kazantzis, Sofia Katzouri, Katerina Siapanta, George Athanasopoulos, Christos Papadopoulos, Yannis Melissidis, Mary Stathopoulouυ.2020
  • “Ap’ to Stroboly” Sing Giorgos Merantzas Lyrics Vaggelis Velonias .Participation in the Giorgos Merantzas’s CD  “Kosme pou na se gyriso“.2021
  • Agries Melisses original score The Yorgos Kazantzis’s soundtrack of the famous TV series “Agries Melisses”.2022
  • Participation in Vassilis Pratsinakis’ album “Wild Wind” 2021 with two songs with lyrics by Nadine Kyriazi
  • “Ta Ksena” Sing Pantelis Thalassinos – Dimitris Zervoudakis . Lyrics Kostas Fasoulas Digital single precursor of CD “Ainigmata”.2022
  • “Ι Deiktes” Lyrics by Kostas Fasoulas, performed by Pantelis Thalassinos Digital single “Lefko Harti” Lyrics by Kostas Fasoulas, performance by Pantelis Thalassinos Digital single
  • Participation with the song “Castles that I build” with lyrics by Nadine Kyriazi
  • “Ta Enigmata” The whole album with eight songs in lyrics by Kostas Fasoulas and performed by Pantelis Thalassinos. Dimitris Zervoudakis participates in “Ksena”.
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