Athens Concert Hall

6 November 2019
Athens Concert Hall
Yorgos Kazantzis

Composer/songwriter Yorgos Kazantzis in a concert featuring the highlights of his career: popular songs and instrumental compositions from his entire discography. (Watch the whole concert on Youtube)
Poetess Kiki Dimoula reads on video the poems ‘I passed’, ‘The Little Match Girl’, ‘Black Tie’, and ‘Hail Never’, to the accompaniment of the orchestra in the instrumental pieces ‘Spring Romance’ and ‘Nadine’ from his record Little Suite. Famous singers Fotini Velesiotou, Lizeta Kalimeri, George Dalaras, and Miltos Paschalidis will sing favourite songs to the accompaniment of a 12-member orchestra: ‘It Was Air’, ‘Secret’, ‘Winter Blossom’, ‘Your Flight’, ‘Fire and Salt’, ‘Like a Tempest’, ‘Mast and Steam’, ‘Halfway Through Love the Killer Comes Out’, ‘Bees’, etc. In between will be heard the instrumental compositions ‘Utopian Waltz’ and ‘Southeastern Wind’.
The concert will close with songs to the poetry of Manos Eleftheriou from their discographic collaboration, and songs by Stavros Kougioumtzis: a tribute to these two great collaborators and friends of George Kazantzis.

Singers Fotini Velesiotou, Lizeta Kalimeri, George Dalaras, Miltos Paschalidis

Produced by MUSIC BOX

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