Concert Yorgos Kazantzis- Sonia Theodoridou

17 June 2019
Concert Yorgos Kazantzis- Sonia Theodoridou
Yorgos Kazantzis
ERT3 concert with Yorgos Kazantzis and Sonia Theodoridou.
Monday 2019/17/6 at 21:00
in the Ancient Market of Thessaloniki.

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On the occasion of World Music Day, ERT3
organizes a concert entitled “About Music… the reason”
with composer Yorgos Kazantzis and soprano Sonia
Theodoridou, with the kind support
of Ancient Antiquities Department of the City of Thessaloniki.

In the light of the full moon, in one of the most important
monuments of Thessaloniki, in the center of the city, Yorgos Kazantzis unfolds his small music
stories, with organic compositions and favorite songs
such as: “It was wind”, “Bees”, “Winter flower”,
“Secret”, “Like a Storm”, “Love and Heaven”,
“Breath of the wind”, “Fire and salt”, “Warrior”, with
the unique voice of Sonia Theodoridou.

At the beginning of the night, the Music meets the poetry with
the poet Kiki Dimoula to read in the videos
her poems “I passed”, “The little girl with the matches”,
“Black tie” and “Never rejoice” accompanied by
tracks “Romanza Spring Waltz” and “Nadine”.

Accompanied by musicians: Dimitris Gouberitsis (double
bass), Christos Tassios (percussion), Sakis Laios (wind instruments),
Stefanos Sekeroglou (violin), Stella Tembreli (cello)

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